Residents are hailing a local dog as a hero after he sniffed out an infant buried and left to die by his mother.

Three-legged Ping Pong is now the hero of Korat’s Tha Talat community after he found a newborn buried in a cassava field on Wednesday. Farmers noticed the dog sniffing around one spot, before digging and finding a child.

Police soon apprehended a 15-year-old girl, who reportedly was charged with attempted murder after she confessed to burying the baby. The teen told police she was afraid her father would beat her for getting pregnant. The mother’s family has requested to take the baby under their care.

Ping Pong, 6, is a Thai breed dog who only has three working legs. He is owned by a local man Usa Nisaika, 41, who raised him from birth.

“Ping Pong was hit by a car, so he’s disabled. But I kept him because he’s so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go into the fields to tend to my cattle,” Usa said. “He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing he found the baby.”

Lieutenant colonel Panuwat Puttakam, of Cham Phuang police said, “The girl is now in the care of a psychologist and her parents because she is in great fear. She regrets what she did and said she acted on impulse without thinking it through. She feared her parents would find out she had been pregnant.”

Ping Pong is now the pride of Tha Talat. Good boy!

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