A mother dog was frantically trying to free her puppies after a home collapsed on top of her den and buried them beneath the rubble when Animal Aid Unlimited, India arrives to help.

As soon as the dog sees them she wags her tail frantically and she whines, asking them for help.

Although they fear the puppies might have already died, the mother dog must be sensing they were still alive because she signals where they need to look. She points her snout to the ground, egging rescuers on as they begin to lift rocks and bricks away.

She begins to frantically dig by their side – biting stones and pawing the dirt – showing them where to focus their attention. She makes sure they hurry as “she seemed to realize that they could suffocate at any moment.”

Rescuers and the mother dog takes turns digging to free her puppies.

After what seems forever, they finally hear a few whimpers from below. The puppies are covered with dirt but still breathing! The mama is so concerned and inspects each puppy as they pull them from the debris. She is relieved to have her puppies back.

After all the puppies were safe, this mama’s rescuers relocated her and her family to a safer place and promised to spay her after the pups are weened. Sadly, there are not enough resources or homes for street dogs such as this dog, but it is fortunate that there are rescue organizations like Animal Aid to monitor and take care of their well being.


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