There is a common notion that animals do not feel the way that humans do. But time and time again, we hear stories about the unique relationships formed between their species that disprove this assumption, and confirms the fact that just like us, they are also capable of exhibiting empathy and having emotions.

The following story that you’re about to read perfectly supports this idea, and will make you realize that we have a lot more in common with these beings than we think we do.

Rookie, a small but energetic dog, developed a bond with an unlikely companion – a brown female cow that his human owned. Their tight relationship was formed because the cow acted like the pup’s “real” mother, often licking Rookie’s coat and nuzzling him. At times, the dog would even be seen sitting or sleeping on the cow’s back.

The bond they shared was extremely special, that when the time came for the cow to be sold off, Rookie became the most heartbroken dog in the whole world. Even though it would be hard for him, the family didn’t have any choice but to sell the cow, because having two was something that they couldn’t afford. Preparing to be sold off, the mama cow was taken from the enclosure that she and Rookie frequented.

When the cow was led outside, Rookie’s grief became apparent. He began howling and crying, and his face reflected a look of utter despair. His eyes started to get wet, that he almost looked like he was crying real tears while being separated from his “mother”. Their goodbye was heartbreaking to watch, and the dog can be seen stepping onto the threshold while calling out to the cow. But by then, his mother had completely gone out of sight.

But then one day, he heard a moo-ing nearby, and Rookie knew exactly who it was. The agile pup immediately ran down the street while his owner chased after him, calling his name. But the dog was unstoppable, and he ran as fast as he could to where the sound was coming from.

Finally, he reached the cow’s new home – another barn in the village that was close enough to Rookie’s shelter. The pup couldn’t hide his joy when he saw the cow, and he began barking excitedly and jumping to lick the cow’s face. It was an extremely sweet reunion – but it wouldn’t last for long.

When Rookie’s owner found him, he scolded him for running off and carried him home despite the dog’s clear protest. He yipped and barked in anguish all the way out of the barn, knowing very well that they were being separated again.

Back home, Rookie became inconsolable, losing his usual enthusiasm and energy. Eventually, he lost all appetite, refusing the bowl of dog food that was being offered to him. His owners worried that because of extreme sadness, Rookie might just waste away. The dog just kept wandering around the enclosure where his mother used to be, waiting for the day that she comes back.

Rookie’s owners just couldn’t bear the sight of him in misery, so they decided to bring the cow back home! They were keeping the cow all for Rookie’s sake, even if it entailed financial difficulties. Aside from bringing back his mother, the owners also introduced a new friend for Rookie to play with – another small pup! This is to strengthen and develop his social skills as a dog, since growing up with a cow wouldn’t do much for him in that aspect.

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