Rescuers say they found a puppy alive in the rubble of a collapsed building, one month after Hurricane Dorian ravaged parts of the Bahamas.

Members of Big Dog Ranch Rescue found the dog, now named "Miracle," on Friday in Marsh Harbour using infrared detection from a drone, the organization's spokesman Chase Scott told CNN.

Scott said that Miracle was nearly crushed to death after a building collapsed, trapping him under broken glass, an air conditioning unit and building debris.

The 1-year-old mixed breed had been surviving only on rainwater, and was "skeleton thin and unable to walk," Scott said. Despite his dire condition, Miracle greeted rescuers with a wagging tail.

Scott said they're providing the pup with medical and emotional support, and are hoping for a full recovery.

"Seeing this poor little darling dog just trapped underneath there and thinking about how hard he fought to stay alive,'' Lauree Simmons, the founder and president of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, told Kerry Sanders on TODAY Monday.

"We had Miracle in our arms within two hours of him being rescued."

Miracle, who was found on Friday, is believed to have survived by drinking rain water while trapped for about three weeks, according to Simmons.

"Miracle will be up for adoption following recovery, unless his owners claim him," said Scott. "We have reunited some families who lost everything with their pets who they thought had died or were separated from them during evacuation and it gives them new hope."

Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas in early September, killing dozens of people and leaving hundreds of others missing. Mass evacuations resulted in countless animals being abandoned. So far, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has saved 139 dogs.

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