A bear gave a Florida family a Christmas surprise when he showed up at their home, investigated their Christmas decorations, and then rang their doorbell!

In the funny video recorded by the doorbell camera, a small black bear appears on the family’s porch. Curious if there were any potential treats hiding in the Christmas decorations he sniffs them.

He knocks over the Christmas figurines to see if there is anything inside of them.

Not finding anything, he goes over to the doorbell. Perhaps he thinks there are better pickings indoors…

According to the homeowner, nothing was damaged, though the snowman decoration did lose its head. The decoration was easily fixed and the homeowner and their family said they were very entertained by the situation!

The video, which was shared by the family using Ring’s Neighbors app, started recording when the bear stepped onto the family’s property and sent a notification to their phone.

The Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus) is a subspecies of the American black bear that has historically ranged throughout most of Florida and southern portions of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. The large black-furred bears live mainly in forested areas and have seen recent habitat reduction throughout the state due to increased human development as well as habitat modifications within bear habitat.

Black bears are shy and reclusive. They use various means to express their emotions including vocalizations, body language, and scent marking. They are mainly solitary, except when females have dependent cubs or during mating season. Although they are solitary mammals, they are not territorial, and typically do not defend their range from other bears, but will defend a food source from other bears. Black bears have good eyesight (especially at close range), acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell that is believed to be the best of any land mammal.


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