The coronavirus crisis that has a firm grip on Spain has a silver lining as 21 bullfighting events have been cancelled, saving 120 bulls.

Public health officials have been pleading for people to avoid crowds and gatherings, with events such as bullfighting being cancelled. An email realised from Animalis Naturalis states that a total of 21 bullfighting events have been cancelled by the Covid-19 disease – saving the lives of 102 bulls.

They also report that the Toro de Lidia Foundation has requested aid for the support of the cruel industry. They have requested a meeting to “be able to study the possibility of starting contingency, recovery and support plans for the industry as soon as possible.”

The website Animalis Naturalis have now been asking people to formally write to Minister of Culture & Sport, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe, to urge him to reconsider funding towards the bullfighting industry.

Lima has converted an 18th century bull ring into a homeless shelter to protect its most vulnerable people from the coronavirus pandemic, despite protests from bull-fighting activists.

"We have to give them the best quality so that we can ensure they aren't exposed to an infection situation and don't infect other people either," said Lima's mayor Jorge Munoz.

The shelter opened on Tuesday in the capital, the worst affected city in Peru by the virus, and will initially host 30 people, rising progressively to 150. They will receive food, health services and security.

With a population of nearly 10 million, Lima had registered 718 of the country's 950 cases by Monday, according to official figures.

All bullfighting events are canceled in France.

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