Wildlife in the Yosemite National Park appears to be thriving and surviving while folks stay in their homes during California's shelter-in-place order.

The Facebook page for the national park posted a heartwarming video showing bears, deer and other wild animals out and about.

The park said in their post: 'April kicked off with one last snowstorm, and since then spring has really been taking off!

'Waterfalls are picking up, the Merced River is flowing faster, meadows are green and full of birdsong, and animals are active, taking advantage of all the new food sources that are starting to appear.

Yosemite Park shared that they were even seeing a blooming of dogwood flowers, but noted that 'most are still just starting to bud.'

The just over four minutes video shows deer grazing in the grass and a bear dart across a deserted road. Another clip in the video shows a bear enjoying an empty campsite.

Squirrels frolic among a fallen log as even more deer enjoy the unusually calm environment.

Even wildcats make an appearance on the deserted campsite, snooping around a tree.

The weather remained clear and beautiful throughout the entire footage.

Yosemite, whose striking features like Half-Dome draws about 4 million visitors a year, closed indefinitely on March 19 at the request of local health officials to all people except park employees, concessionaires and residents with homes inside the park's boundaries.


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