Residents of Samsun, situated on the northern coast of Turkey, were surprised over the weekend when they looked out of their windows to see a huge flock of sheep overrunning the streets below.

As people were staying in-doors due to the country's coronavirus lockdown, a huge number of sheep were seen flocking into the city, with some even stopping on grassy patches to graze.

A resident in one of the city's apartment blocks filmed the sheep from above, showing just how many of the animals had found their way onto Samsun's streets, and took to social media to share the surprising experience.

Another video of the same incident shows a man, very nonchalantly, at the front of his herd as he leads them through the streets, while his sheepdogs keep the sheep in-line.

The bells on she sheep can be heard ringing and echoing off the tall apartment blocks in the city as the sheep 'baa' their way down the roads, following their owner.

As roughly a third of the world's population is currently under some form of coronavirus lockdown in an effort to fight the global pandemic, nature has taken the opportunity to try and reclaim some lost ground.

Many other wild animals have also dared to explore deeper urban areas and have been found in places which would usually be impossible for them to venture to; usually-packed beaches, city roads and waterways.

From surfing hippos to playful dolphins, animals have been taking advantage of a world in coronavirus lockdown, and now, the flock of sheep has become the latest group of urban adventurers.


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