An Amazon driver delivered the gift of life when he saved a dog from drowning during one of his routes.

John Cassabria was out delivering packages in Woburn, Massachusetts, earlier this summer when he noticed an animal struggling to stay afloat in the deep end of a backyard pool, WBZ-TV reported.

"I saw what looked like a snout and at that moment my heart sank," he told the local news outlet.

Upon realizing that it was a pup in trouble, Cassabria said he immediately "jumped into the pool with everything on and didn't take anything off." The delivery driver had his phone, wallet and watch on when he hit the water, though Cassabria said "none of that mattered."

"I thought only of the dog at the moment," he recalled.

The dog — a 14-year-old pup named Luka — has issues with his hind legs, according to his owner Julie Caldwell. As a result, she said Luka doesn't swim and the pooch wouldn't have lasted long in the pool had Cassabria not rescued him. A bone caught in the pool's vacuum cord may have lured Luka into the pool, according to WBZ-TV.

Caldwell was just hours into her vacation when she received news of the incident from Animal Control, the outlet reported. Meanwhile, Cassabria sat with Luka for an hour and a half before the scheduled dog sitter arrived.

"I happened to be in the right moment at the right time," Cassabria said. "I would repeat the same actions over and over if I had to."

In a letter Caldwell sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that was obtained by, Luka's owner said that she "can’t thank" Cassabria enough for rescuing her canine companion.

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to him. In fact I have tears in my eyes as I write this email," the note read, according to the outlet. "Luka is doing fine thanks to your wonderful and courageous employee."

"We love hearing stories about drivers being everyday heroes. Everyone at Amazon was touched by John going above and beyond to save Luka’s life, and we’re excited to celebrate and thank him for his great efforts," an Amazon spokesperson shared in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

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