A drowning deer was saved by a group of whitewater kayakers who refused to give up despite the dangerous conditions. Fabrizio “Gass” Capizzo was paddling with friends on the Candigliano River near San Marino in Italy when they spotted the deer.

 In video footage Capizzo captured with his head-cam, the small deer can be seen struggling in the turbulent river. Initially, Capizzo and his friends are able surround the deer on every side of the river in the hope of catching it. But with the swift current, the panicked deer slides between them and is swept further downstream.

Capizzo quickly turns his kayak around and pursues the deer to try and grab her.

Luckily, Capizzo manages to grab hold of the deer in the water before she slips too far away. He tows the deer safely back to the shoreline where one of his friends helps pull the waterlogged deer out of the water. The man on shore suggests that he will carry the deer by the horns, but Capizzo tells him not too, so the man cradles the small deer in his arms instead.

Once the deer is safely away from the river, the men attempt to warm the deer up enough so that she can stand up. It works and soon the little deer is able to walk off on her own.

Just before the deer disappears, one of the other kayakers appears and says “Sorriso” [Smile] before taking a photo of the deer as she walks away.

FACTS: There are over 60 different species of deer worldwide. Deer are present on all continents except Antarctica. They can live in a range of habitats, from mountainous areas to warm and wet rainforests. The Barbary red deer is the only species present in Africa

A male deer is called a buck but some larger males are referred to as stags. A Female deer is called a doe or hind. A young deer is called a fawn. Bucks and does can be distinguished from each other by the presence of antlers. Female Caribou (Reindeer) are the only female deer which grow antlers


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  1. Wonderful. Thank you gentlemen

  2. Unknown says:

    NICE JOB--but why are they calling it a SHE when you can plainly see the rack on the deer!

  3. Female Caribou (Reindeer) are the only female deer which grow antlers

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