A doe was stranded in the middle of a frozen pond, unable to stand. A man decided to help the doe by giving her a little push to the shore! With the event happening just ahead of Christmas, many joked it’s one of Santa’s deer and was rescued just in time to deliver gifts.

In a video widely being shared online, the animal is seen being pushed by the man along the wide stretch of the icy pond, while it remained calm. Gliding safely towards the end of the frozen water body, the man undertook the daring rescue as his friend recorded the efforts on camera.

While the doe seemed relaxed, it sprinted away as soon as it reached the edge.

According to a Facebook post, the kindhearted man was identified as Gil Lancour of Cranmoor from Wisconsin, USA. While driving near the Cranmoor marshes, during his drive home on his lunch break on Tuesday afternoon, he spotted the animal in distress, News 9 reported.

Explaining why the animal appeared visibly calm, Lancour said that he walked out onto the ice and sat with her for a bit before pushing her off the ice, as he wanted to help the deer.

“She was struggling and I knew she needed help to get off the ice, I didn’t even think twice about it,” the man told NBC 15. “She needed to get off the ice and I was the only one around to help her,” he added.

His friend, John Moss, who filmed the rescue operation told the media outlet that he was out there too to help Lancour but seeing him in control, he decided to record the moment. “Obviously right away I was out there to help him but after he had it under control, then I was there for the show,” Moss said.

The man who is being hailed as a ‘hero’ on social media sites said that as he drives by the reservoir every day, he knew it would be strong enough to hold him and about 90 pound deer.


People on Twitter lauded his efforts and thanked him for his kind gesture.


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