In a town of Warren, Ohio, a dog was thrown out into a dumpster like trash. Judging by the size of the dumpster, the dog couldn’t have ended up there all by himself. The dog was visibly shocked, shaking, and hurt. The discovery raises a lot of worrying questions.

First and foremost, who would dare to do such a thing? Have they no heart? Did the dog even get a chance at having a good life? And most importantly, is the pit bull’s health OK? “It’s very troubling that someone would do that.

All they had to do was pick up the phone, call me, call the Trumbull County Dog Pound, call the Welfare League, someone would have been more than happy to take the dog away from them,” said the animal control officer Jason Onatz.

The officials are trying to track down whoever did this and persecute them to the full extent of the law. Apparently, the dog didn’t have the great life and care it deserved and was found underweight and in pain, with its hind legs not working properly.

To add insult to injury, or more accurately, an injury to an insult, the dog had fresh and old cuts on its body, raising even more questions about the situation that it was in.

The dog was immediately taken to the vet and had a serious check-up. Most of the aforementioned problems the pit bull had were confirmed. The wounds on all four limbs, his neck, and back area were infected. The vet also found a broken canine tooth in the dog’s gum, which needs to be extracted. X-rays were scheduled to diagnose the problem with the pit bull’s hind legs

The Animal Welfare League of Trumbull (AWLTrumbull) has asked the public to step up and provide more information about the incident, as well as for some donations for the dog’s medicine and care. Poor puppy is slowly but surely recovering under intense care. Let’s hope the lovely pit bull’s life can only get better from this point onwards.


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  1. Probably bait dog. Thank you for saving her.

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