Two Clydesdales escaped from their historic farm and found themselves in deep water – literally – after falling through the ice on a frozen lake.

Gunther and Wilhelm, the two draft horses, broke out of their field at Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm in Pennsylvania. The geldings were found less than a mile from their home stranded up to their necks in freezing water. A neighbor happened to spot them in the middle of the lake with their binoculars and immediately called for help.

Firefighters were called to the scene for the two 1500-pound Clydesdales in need of rescuing. However, because of their size and distance from shore there was no way to lift them out of the water.

Instead, the rescuers used chainsaws to cut a path through the ice to shore. Once the path was made the horses were guided through it to safety. They were pulled to shore where a veterinarian was waiting to examine them.

The whole town came out to help bringing blankets, heaters and even a boat.

“With the dedication of Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder, Stroud Township Fire Company, Shawnee Fire Company, Wind Gap Fire Company, Northeast Search and Rescue, Portland PA Fire Company, Cross River Veterinarians, Quiet Valley Staff and Volunteers, and countless neighbors lending boats and towels the horses were rescued,” posted the farm.

Both were wet, cold and hungry with a few minor scrapes. They both immediately started to eat the hay that was offered to them. The vet started both on IV fluids to prevent colic and continued to monitor them. The farm posted an update that the horses were doing well and assured everyone that the horses would be fine.

As for the farm, the staff is putting up a double fence to keep the giant geldings from going on another adventure. “They are also grounded for the foreseeable future: no after hours romps, girlfriends, cell phones, etc.,” posted the farm.


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