A bobcat is very lucky to be alive after he got stuck to the train tracks while trying to enjoy a meal.

Coby Reid spotted the wild cat on the train tracks near the Canadian town of Trail, a town in southeastern British Columbia, in the early morning.

Reid is an inspector for the railroad and told CBC’s Radio West that he noticed the cat’s hind paws were frozen to the tracks.

The cat had caught a duck, but in the process of eating it on the tracks, the water-logged bobcat got frozen to the metal.

Reid wrote on Facebook that the bobcat “was enjoying his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail.”

Reid said that he and his co-workers first attempted to cover the animal with a coat, but the bobcat didn’t like that.

They captured video of them trying to warm up the cat. He told CBC Radio West’s host Sarah Penton that the bobcat wasn’t the “cute cat you see in the pictures…He was hissing at us, lunging at us.”

The workers called their boss who brought a pail of warm water to free the cat. It took them roughly an hour to carefully unstick the bobcat from the rail.

Once freed, Reid said the bobcat was reluctant to leave his dinner behind but the group of men scared the cat away and threw the duck carcass to the side of the tracks.

It was very fortunate for the bobcat that the men came around when they did, because just 30 minutes after freeing him, a train roared by.



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  1. Unknown says:

    This was sort of a weird situation but how well did it end for the cat. I like the way the guys got rid of the problem so fast. Not too bad for the furred guy it ended, not too long after he was discovered. Chapeaux.

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