A stray dog who was seen on surveillance video walking into a veterinary clinic in Brazil is now under the personal care of one of its physicians after he was treated for a cancerous tumor.

A couple of clients were waiting with their pooches to be attended to when the dog limped into the offices of Vet VIP in Juazeiro do Norte, CearĂ¡, on Saturday.

Veterinarian Dayse Silva was standing behind the counter and approached the dog as he checked out his surroundings and sat.

The surveillance camera system at Vet VIP recorded the moment a stray dog walked into the clinic by himself Saturday, before the staff learned that he had a cancerous tumor after they treated an ingrown nail in his paw. The dog is currently undergoing chemotherapy and waiting to be adopted

The physician initially detected an ingrown nail after he greeted her with his paw and wagged his tail. Further tests revealed the dog's tumor from his genital area, requiring him to undergo chemotherapy.

'He's very well. Excited, smart, very different from when he came here,' Silva said in an interview with Brazilian online portal G1.

'He's no longer has any bleeding and shows no signs of being in pain. He reacted well to the first chemotherapy session and we will evaluate each new procedure to find out how many he will need ...'

Silva opened her family's home to her new friend while he recovers and travels with her to the clinic for his daily treatment.

Vet VIP clinic has received calls from residents interested in adopting him, but none had visited in person to fill out the required adoption documents.

An online drive to raise funds to cover the cost of the dog's care exceeded the clinic's goal of $713.


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  1. Even though some countries treat animals horribly this is one example of true caring that should be part of the vet clinics responsibility. I am sure the dog was owned before and was taken to the vet and knew it would get help. Thank you
    for sharing.

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