Mason Trebony was on a vacation with his wife when he spotted the bear in their room's terrace. Vacations and getaways are considered to be something that humans do. We never associate these words with animals that live in the forest.

However, they have other ways to 'chill' as well. Exceptions are always there when they to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings around them like the way we do.

A hilarious instance of this went viral recently. A man named Mason Trebony and his wife were on a holiday together in the Great Smoky Mountains in the USA. They spotted a black bear coming into their room's terrace. As they were inside, they did not have a face-to-face encounter.

The incident took place on March 20 in Tennessee's Gatlinburg. The bear was walking around the place when he spotted the jacuzzi. At first, he observed it to see what it was. Then, he went on to put his paws in the water. Once he realized that the water was perfectly warm, he decided to soak himself in it.

The bear sat there for some time, enjoying the morning view and relaxing. While taking the video, the man's commentary is heard as well. "He is having a blast," he says. He also added that he was 'relieved that neither he nor his wife was in the jacuzzi at that moment.

For obvious reason, the hilarious clip went viral on the internet. It was shared on all social media platforms. Netizens were extremely amused by it.

According to the local reports, around 1500 bears live in the park that is surrounded by the Smoky Mountains. 45 metres of distance should be maintained between humans and them.



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