Two large wolves were caught on camera attacking a wolverine in a remote and snowy corner of Siberia. It was a close call for the wolverine who put up a good fight against the pair of wild wolves.

The wolverine's fiery attitude seemed to pay after fighting off the two large wolves and proudly stomping away in the snow. The video, posted to YouTube by user AJ Survey on April 10th, 2020, has been viewed nearly two million times.

Despite its small size, the wolverine has earned a strong and ferocious reputation as a top predator in the wild. Predators of the wolverine include mountain lions, wolves, and bears.

While wolverines aren't a native species in Colorado, some have entered the state from surrounding areas. In 2009, one wolverine was tracked traveling to Colorado from Grand Teton National Park.

Many assume that the Wolverine is related to dogs or bears, but in fact it is the largest, and the most fearsome, member of the weasel family. These rare animals range over huge areas of the remote Arctic and sub-Arctic, preying on other mammals.

The Wolverine is a muscular and stocky carnivore which actually resembles a small bear. Wolverines are found in remote areas in the Northern Hemisphere with the majority of them in Northern Canada, Alaska, the Nordic countries of Europe, western Russia and Siberia.The Wolverine has short legs, a broad, rounded head with short rounded ears and small eyes. Although the legs are short, the Wolverine has large paws that contain five toes. The paws also have crampon-like claws.

The animal itself has a plantigrade posture which permits it to easily climb up and over cliffs, even particularly steep ones, snow-covered peaks and trees.

The fur on a Wolverine is thick and oily and is dark in color. It is also highly hydrophobic which means it resists frost. It is because of this that hunters and trappers look to the Wolverine hide for use as a lining in outerwear worn in Arctic conditions. The Wolverine may have a light silver colored facial mask, which has distinct characteristics in some of the individual animals. Plus, there may be a pale buff stripe that runs from the shoulders along the side laterally and crossing the rump. There are also some Wolverines that display white patches of hair on their throats or chests. Wolverines also have a bushy tail.


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