Is the newest baby bison at Wildlife Prairie Park a boy or a girl? Hundreds of bison have been born there, but the newest arrival is rare. Friday, the Hanna City park held a gender reveal party for the white bison calf born there last week.

"On April 27th, our white bison delivered a baby girl," said Adrienne Bower, who's the wildlife director.

The baby girl stays very close to her mother, Lakota. They are separated from other bison at the park.

Bower said Lakota doesn't need much help from park staff.

"From our standpoint, we just kind of observe and watch. We don't want to intervene unless we absolutely have to. But, Lakota did an amazing job," said Bower.

"She actually hid in her shed at the beginning of the day, then around 2 o'clock, she came out of her shed with baby in tow." added Bower.

The baby girl still doesn't have a name.

The park is used to frequent bison births. Several babies are born there every year, and several more are expected this summer.

Wildlife Prairie Park, officially dedicated as Hazel & Bill Rutherford Wildlife Prairie Park, is located in Peoria County, Illinois, in central Illinois, about 10 miles (16 km) west of downtown Peoria. The park contains wildlife animals native to Illinois, in a natural environment.



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