A teenager recently rescued a bumblebee and says that it is now like a pet and won’t leave her side.

It all started two weeks ago when Lacey Shillinglaw stumbled upon an injured bee while walking her dog. The large bumblebee was laying in the road with an injured wing. Even though she tried multiple times to place the bee in a safe place around flowers, the bee kept coming back to her and perching on her shoulder. Eventually, she decided to head home with the bee.

The bumblebee made a quick recovery but still opted to stay by Lacey’s side no matter where she goes or what she is doing. The bee, whom Lacey named Betty, will even go to the bowling alley or the store with her new best friend. Betty the bumblebee even sleeps contentedly in a little pot beside Lacey’s bed every night.

Lacey said, “I’m so happy, and I just love spending my time with her. She’s so fluffy, and I love our friendship.”

Betty eats a sweet diet of sugar water, honey, and strawberry jam and regularly goes outside with Lacey to enjoy flower nectar as well. However, she never flies away and always follows Lacey inside.

The whole family has accepted Betty and allows her to have free roam of the house. Despite the fact that bumblebees can sting multiple times without injuring themselves. Betty has never stung Lacey or her family, and prefers to spend 90% of her time perched somewhere on Lacey.

Bees are known to be highly intelligent insects. In fact, as PBS reported in 2017, they are so smart that they're able to learn behaviors that lead to rewards—along the lines of how a dog might learn to "sit" so that it can get a treat.

The insects also communicate with one another, using a mix of "head-butting, jostling each other and dancing."



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    Such a tender heart. Beautiful to see a world filled with so much hate.

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