Dramatic video captured the moment a horse ran back into a raging wildfire to save other horses, including a small foal. It had been brought to the relative safety of a road, but charged back towards danger to make sure its stablemates were okay.

The Easy Fire is burning in Simi Valley, California, where it devastated 1,000 acres of land in just three hours. Footage of the horses emerged yesterday showing ranchers trying to get the animals to safety on the Tierra Rejada Road.

The incredible footage shows the black horse break away and circle back, then return again as soon as it reaches its family.

According to CBS, all the horses on the ranch were moved safely excepted one called Mayer, 28, which had to be put down because she broke her two front legs while running.

The so-called Easy fire, which forced 26,000 people to flee, broke out just before dawn off a road named Easy Street, sending a wall of flames racing across scrub-covered slopes.

It started around 30 miles from a separate conflagration burning in hills near the Getty Center museum that has displaced thousands of residents from some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods.

The Getty museum houses a collection that includes paintings by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Manet, ancient Greek statues and an array of manuscripts.

The Reagan Library, Getty Center and Getty Villa in Malibu were all forced to close due to the flames and thick clouds of smoke, although all three facilities were said to be out of imminent danger by evening.


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