The Broyles of Tennessee were visiting Yellowstone National Park where they got an unexpected welcome on the park's entrance road.

A herd of bison, estimated to number around 150, sauntered down the highway stopping traffic and engulfing the Broyles' SUV, all captured on video.

The couple was amazed as they watched the bison pass, calling it a once-in-a-lifetime experience and continuously saying "This is crazy."

"I wonder if [other] people are as flipped out as we are," Mrs. Broyles commented in the video.

According to Yellowstone Park experts, bison in the park are quite used to having cars around, even seeming to 'know the right-of-way' around the road.

'Be patient for bison to make their way off the road, or just simply go around them,' the park's website reads.

'But please save the honking for the city.'

The park has 4,680 bison living in the 2,221,766 acres that make up Yellowstone National Park, with the animal weighing up to 2,000 pounds.

Bison can also run up to 30 mph and be aggressive.

Yellowstone is seeing a record number of visitors since all entrances were open for the 2021 tourist season.


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