At first glance, it’s easy to mistake Nova for a wild animal. The big, gray dog is 85% wolf and 15% Alaskan Malamute, after all.

When staff members of a daycare near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma spotted Nova stalking through the tall grass near their children’s playground, they called the police and asked them to rush right out.

Once the Oklahoma City Police Department arrived on the scene, they approached the animal with caution. That’s when they discovered Nova is more than a little bit tame. She’s a pet dog!

“The Big Bad Wolf?” the police department wrote on social media. “More like a cuddly puppy.”

The cops spent some time petting Nova while they made a few calls. After a discussion with their partners at The Village Police Department, they learned that a resident had reported a missing dog the day before that fit Nova’s description. They called owner Dani Brumley, who confirmed the “wolf” they had in custody was actually her pet dog.

Once the mystery was solved, the cops simply had to snap a few selfies of their “wolf” catch.

Once Nova was back at home, Dani wrote words of thanks to the two police departments that helped reunite her with her dog.

“A BIG thank you to the Oklahoma City Police Department and The Village Police Department for helping me find my Nova!!” Dani wrote on Facebook. “It’s been a terrifying 24hrs and now she gets to have a much needed bath and nap, thanks in large part to them and The Village community.”

This story could have ended tragically, but the cops involved acted with such professionalism and kindness! We’re so glad they didn’t assume Nova was a wolf before approaching her. Helping this dog get back home is such a happy turn of events!


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