Snow Bears documents the 400-mile journey a polar bear makes with her two-year-old cubs as she teaches them necessary hunting and survival skills.

Snow Bears, which airs on Boxing Day, documents the journey a polar bear makes with her two-year-old cubs from the Svalbard islands, north of Norway, to the North Pole.

Throughout the sometimes perilous expedition, their mother teaches them necessary hunting and survival skills while also encountering a number different animals.

One particularly cute moment in the trailer sees one cub shocked as a seal pops its head out of the cracked ice. The cub ends up falling back in surprise as the seal stares on.

During their 400-mile trek their mother also teaches them to stay vigilant for possible threats - one of which is a giant male bear who follows them throughout their journey.

Newborn cubs are only ~0.6 kg (1.3 lbs.) when born. By 3 months old, they may weigh ~10–12 kg (22-26 lbs.), growing approximately 20 times their original body weight in 12 weeks. If newborn humans did this, we’d need adult-size bassinets.

Cubs continue growing rapidly, more than doubling their weight between den emergence and their first birthday, and yet again between their first and second birthdays. By 2 years old, male cubs can be as big as their moms and weigh hundreds of pounds.

The mother bear’s rich milk is a significant contributor to the rapid growth of cubs but comes at a significant cost to mom.


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