You might know him as the brave, wild warrior and leader Khal Drogo from “Game of Thrones” or as the title character in “Aquaman,” but Jason Momoa is more than everyone’s favorite long-haired, muscle-honed action hero. In real life, Momoa is a sustainability warrior.

He was a marine and wildlife major during his undergrad at Colorado State University. He is now a United Nations SDGs advocate, using his 17 million follower base to call on world leaders to act on marine protection, among other things.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, his career took flight in Hollywood with a stream of successful movies and TV shows. But Momoa never forgot his Hawaiian roots, intertwined with those of Mother Earth herself.

To get the whole picture, let’s look at some of Momoa’s contributions.

He is the founder of Mananalu, an aluminum-based bottled water company that fights single-use plastic pollution one bottle at a time. Climate Neutral and Plastic Negative-certified, Mananalu is Momoa’s brainchild inspired by his love for the seas, his commitment to providing quality water, and his overall love for the planet at large.

In 2022, Momoa was named an official advocate for Life Below Water by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP). Life Below Water is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promotes preserving and protecting marine life with sustainable development planning.

According to a UNEP press release, Momoa addressed the group, “For me, the ocean is an ancient teacher, a guide, and a muse. It is also existential. Without a healthy ocean, life on our planet as we know it would not exist.”

In the same press release, UNEP Executive Director Ingen Andersen said, “We are so pleased to have Jason Momoa joining the UN family as UNEP’s Advocate for Life Below Water. Jason has a strong track record of advocating for ocean issues, from reducing single-use plastic pollution to protecting coral reefs.”

Water is Life is founded on the principle that clean water means hygiene, which means a strong economy. According to the group, clean water is about so much more than health and hygiene, it’s about providing a future to traditionally marginalized people.

With all of this work, it is obvious that Momoa has committed to sustainability. In addition to his philanthropy portfolio with groups like the 1Climb collaboration with Boys and Girls of America, it is clear that it is more than just a red carpet talking point for the actor; it’s a way of life.

"I don’t mind standing up for what I believe in. You get your hand slapped for doing something and you’re like, “Eh. It’s something I believe in.” It’s tough. It’s tough for them. Some people don’t see their views, I get it. People are like, “Oh, there’s some actor out there doing this and doing that.” I just prefer to put it out there because you can use your social media to get out some things that people may not know about. It’s how I find some things out, so I just want to be able to pass it on."

"I spoke up a lot about Mauna Kea and fought for what was happening on the Big Island. There’s a lot of things I would definitely go to bat for in Hawaii. I’ve been all over that stuff. If someone told me to be quiet about that because of my profession, no. That’s my people." Momoa said


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