Alaskan firefighters rescued a baby moose that had fallen through a window and into a basement of a home southwest of Anchorage.

Firefighters on Sunday were unexpectedly called to a Soldotna home - roughly 150 miles from Anchorage - to rescue a 500-pound moose that had fallen through a window while eating vegetation near the home around 10.30am.

The window, which is a level below ground, has a small space in-between it and metal grating. The moose reportedly fell into the hole, with its back legs sliding through the window and into the basement before pulling the rest of him in.

Photos shared from the Soldotna firefighters show a shocked moose standing near the window, surrounded by Legos and other children's toys.

Romatz - alongside six other firefighters, Central Emergency Services, and three biologists from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and two Alaska wildlife troopers - attended to the one-year-old moose to safely remove him.

Biologists partially sedated the large animal so he could be transported calmly through the house by six firefighters on a tarp that is typically used to carry unconscious patients.

'Luckily, he was conscious enough to honestly help us out a little bit,' Romatz told the Anchorage Daily News.

The firefighters carried the animal through the basement, up a set of stairs, through a garage, before placing it on the snow-covered ground.

'All the while, this moose is just picking its head up, and you’re two inches away from this moose, you know?' he told the outlet. 'So we’re like: "How are you?" And it just kind of looked at us, [like]: "Haven’t been in this situation before, you know." Us either!'

Once outside again, a biologist tended to the minor wounds the moose had obtained during his fall and administered a reversal drug for the sedative.

Ten to 15 minutes later, the moose was happily running around again, first heading back towards the window, before thinking better and running off towards the tree line.

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