35-year-old Neil Mullis ended up coming to the rescue and saving the little fella, pouring some warm water across him to unfreeze his knackers and allow him to make a hasty escape, leaving only a bit of hair behind on the railway.

Neil, from the US state of Georgia, said: "I poured the warm water under his bottom while a co-worker worked the shovel under his butt to try and break him loose.

“After about five minutes of slowly working him loose, he was free.

“He jumped off the rail and ran in the woods, never looking back."

Neil added: "I’m guessing because it was -12 degrees outside somehow, he was crossing over the rail and sat too long and got stuck!"

In the video, as the raccoon became free Neil could be heard saying: “Operation well performed. Little fella is safe now.”

Neil estimated that at the time, temperatures plummeted to around -12 degrees Celsius.

He and his coworkers said they have no clue how the little guy got stuck in the first place, but everyone was relieved when it was over.


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