Jason Momoa howls for animal rights. The “Aquaman” actor urged the government to add wolves back onto the endangered species list in a new video.

Momoa begins the video with a subtle howl in sync with his canine friends before he begins to narrate the current fight to save the aggressively hunted and slaughtered species.

The actor notes that hunters are not just slaughtering adult wolves, but also their pups in their dens. He petitions President Joe Biden to #RelistWolves along with other celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Iliza Shlesinger.

Momoa shared the video on his Instagram page, captioning the post:

“Wolves remain under attack across the country. States like Idaho and Montana have declared a war on wolves authorizing the slaughter of up to 90% of their wolf populations. Earlier this year, a hunt in Wisconsin saw over 200 wolves killed in less than 60 hours. We must put a stop to these senseless killings. Join us, Jason Momoa, Leonardo DiCaprio, Iliza Shlesinger, Conrad Anker, Filipe DeAndrade and thousands more in our efforts to #RelistWolves.”

Proposed Rule Allows for Widespread Killing of Reintroduced Colorado Wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced a proposed wolf management rule that would allow livestock operators and federal and state agents to kill wolves. The rule would let ranchers kill wolves even on public lands, without requiring the use of nonlethal conflict prevention measures first.

“This light-on-science proposal that lets ranchers shoot Colorado wolves before trying to prevent conflict needs to be sent back to the drawing board,” said Michael Robinson, senior conservation advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity. “It worries me that wolves would have no safe haven even in the national forests that we all cherish.”

The proposed federal rule would delegate decision-making on the fate of individual wolves to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It would allow for the killing of wolves on public lands, including allowing ranchers to shoot wolves on sight under some circumstances.


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