A hungry woodpecker had been attempting to store the acorns in the chimney of the property in San Francisco. The bird pecked holes in the chimney, putting the nuts inside but then losing them inside the wall cavity.

But instead of stopping, the woodpecker continued filling up the walls with thousands of acorns. When Castro, of Nick's Extreme Pest Control in California, cut into the wall, the nuts cascaded to the floor.

'There were some worms that appeared to be coming out of the wall, and the worms looked like maggots. 'Everybody kind of thought there was a dead animal inside the wall. It was unreal.

'We see weird stuff all the time, but I'd never seen anything like this. They just kept coming and coming, non-stop.

'Acorns were thought to be only about a quarter of the way up the wall. Turned out, they were piled high up to the attic of the house.

'The bird had completely destroyed the exterior of the house with the holes it had made. Acorns were stored all over siding and trim.'

His team measured that there was 700lb of acorns and filler around eight 40-gallon trash bags full of the tiny nuts. Castro had to open up four different holes in the walls to remove the acorns, which were covered in fiberglass insulation.

The process took his team hours, with the acorns then loaded into a van and hauled off to the dump.

The woodpecker, apparently not deterred at being spotted by the exterminators, was "putting more in the holes he created."



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