A wolf is seen just laying down relaxing, enjoying the day as if he were any other dog. A wolverine comes trotting not view and you think there’s going to be a wild battle. But, the wolf doesn’t flinch and seems as content as ever.

The wolverine walks around and the wolf just lays there happy as a clam.

Due to its close resemblance to the bear and the wolf, a wolverine is often incorrectly thought to belong to the same family as the wolf. A wolverine belongs to the weasel family, and it is known to be the largest among the land dwelling species of that family. It is sometimes called a glutton, or skunk bear, and has close resemblance to a small bear.

It is a very fierce animal, with a reputation for ferocity, and strength that is not proportional to its size. It is even able to prey on animals bigger than its size.

The wolverine predominantly lives in the remote areas of the subarctic and alpine tundra, in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the European Nordic countries of western Russia, Siberia, Alaska and Canada. They are very rare in the southern range of Europe and North America, due to a number of factors, including trapping and habitat fragmentation.

The wolf, on the other hand, is a member of the canine family, and it is the largest of that family. It can weigh up to 175 pounds, and can either be gray, white, brown, reddish, tan or black in color. A wolf is a very social animal, and they will often dwell in family groups, called packs. There is a strict hierarchical order in wolf packs, with the mother or father as the family head. On average, a pack will have 7 to 8 members, but it can consist of any number between 2 and 20 wolves.

They have one of the most complex communication systems in the animal world. Wolves have a build that closely resembles that of dogs, but with thicker fur and pricked ears. They are much more intelligent than wolverines, dogs and coyotes. They can communicate by howling, snarling, whining or barking. They will rarely go near humans or livestock, although they are mistakenly thought to be killers. Wolves are very common animals, found almost anywhere, especially in deeply forested areas.


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