A family of mountain lions was spotted taking a family stroll in the mountains of Salt Lake County as a female led her three kittens along.

Video caught on a few trail cameras shows the mother mountain lion walking in the snowy mountains, with three playful kittens following closely behind.

The family adventure was caught on Valentine's Day and Peterson said they hope to see more of the mother and her kittens soon.

An exact location for where the cats were seen was not disclosed, Peterson said in order to keep the family safe. However, it was taken somewhere in the mountains of Salt Lake County.

In Utah, what is most likely referred to as a mountain lion or cougar goes by at least 40 different common names (puma, panther, etc.) throughout its wide range, which extends from northwestern Canada to Argentina. In recent years, however, its range has again been expanding eastward in the United States.

While current estimates vary, there could be as many as 30,000 mountain lions in the U.S., but physical encounters with humans are very rare, the California-based Mountain Lion Foundation reports. The organization that advocates for the cats says mountain lions are secretive ambush hunters that are rarely seen out in the open. They are on the move mostly between dusk and dawn, which makes seeing them even less likely.

Keep dogs leashed on walks or when hiking. An unleashed dog may chase a lion, leading to an escalation. Never hike alone in mountain lion country — talking and a noisy group can prevent an encounter.


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