The moment was caught on camera by Pima's surprised owner, Bucky Marshall.

A cat used to living the comfortable life of a home indoors cared for by loving owners could be expected to scurry away at the sight of a wild cat.

Not so in the case of a house cat in Arizona named Pima who did quite the opposite last month when a wild bobcat showed up, literally, at her home's door.

As the bobcat prowled outside the glass door of the Cave Creek, Ariz., home, Pima, who spotted the cat with her sister, Mogey, began to paw at the door to get the attention of her wild counterpart.

After a few minutes, the bobcat reached up on its own from the door's other side and tried to touch Pima's paws through the glass with its own.

"I thought they'd be scared, I thought they'd run away," Marshall told KNXV.

"Pima would get up here and was pawing at the window, pawing at the window. 'Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, I want to be your friend,'" Marshall said of the encounter. "At first, when it happened, I thought the bobcat would get aggressive. But instead, it was quite the nice little interaction where the bobcat almost wanted to play."

Bobcats vary in size along their continental range, with larger animals found in the north and smaller animals in the south. They are generally 1.5-2 feet (46-64 centimeters) tall at the shoulder and weigh between 9 and 33 pounds (4 and 15 kilograms).


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