Animal traps have a nasty way of putting innocent creatures in harmful situations. That was the case for one bobcat when its foot got trapped in the desert. Thankfully, a kindhearted stranger was nearby to save the day! In a video shared online, we can see the bobcat is struggling to free itself from a claw-like trap.

Like many wild animals, bobcats can be dangerous, so when the man arrives, it's obvious that he's using extreme caution. As he tries to loop the end of an animal control pole around the creature's neck, the poor thing panics.

But despite its apparent fury, the man remains patient and determined to finish his rescue mission. Eventually, he catches the terrified feline and quickly moves it away from the cactus so it won't hurt itself further by thrashing around on top of it. Not long after, the bobcat calms down just enough for the man to free its foot from the trap.

Then he loosens the animal control pole, releases the bobcat, and quickly moves out of harm's way. That's when the most amazing moment occurs! Instead of attacking him, the bobcat sits there as if it's taking in everything that just happened.

Then the once-ferocious animal gives its rescuer a grateful look before it runs off. While we hate knowing these rescues have to happen in the first place, we're so glad this man was there to intervene. It just goes to show that there are selfless people out there who will do everything they can to help those in need!

Bobcats may look cute and cuddly, but these felines that live throughout North America are actually fierce predators. They can leap as far as 12 feet to catch prey and have been known to take down much larger animals, such as young deer.

The wild feline is about twice as big as a house cat—and a lot faster. It can run at speeds up to 25 to 30 miles an hour, and it’s skilled at swimming. But the wild cat isn’t totally different from a domestic kitty. Both use whiskers like fingertips to help them feel around their habitat and judge whether an opening is big enough to fit through. They’re both also night owls with superb night vision that helps them see in the dark.

The bobcat is one type of lynx. The others are Canada lynx, Iberian lynx, and Eurasian lynx.


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