Recently, Josemar Milli made a surprising discovery when he noticed his rescued parrot, Louro, spending time over at a hollowed out fencepost on the edge of his farm in Brazil.

Louro’s behavior was strange for the bird as she always slept at home but for three nights she was sleeping elsewhere. Milli went to investigate and was startled to see Louro protecting three tiny kittens!

Louro knows a thing or two about being rescued. She was found by Milli’s family back in 2008. They were walking in the forest when they spotted two orphaned baby parrots on the ground. They took the birds home, raised them without cages, and released them back into the wild. Louro’s sibling flew off but she decided to stay with the family.

Milli took the kittens home where they could be properly cared for. After the kittens were taken out of the fencepost, Louro continued to keep a close watch on her little, furry rescues.

Milli later explained that the hollowed out post is Louro’s part time nesting spot, but it appears to have been taken over by a cat. The bird had been trying to look after the kittens after they were abandoned by their mother, who Milli suspected to be the neighbours cat.

Fortunately, Milli’s cat decided to step up to help.

Parrots are remarkable animals when you learn how intelligent they really are. They excel at problem-solving and can learn by observing. Their social structure also gives them an edge because it fosters cooperation. The next time someone calls you a bird brain, you may want to thank them. You’re in good company with this group of avian Einsteins.



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