On Wednesday, Aug. 30, you'll no doubt hear the mainstream media proclaiming that on that night we will have an opportunity to witness a "supermoon." It's a term, or more specifically, a branding, of relatively recent origin.

It originated not from astronomy, but astrology; first coined by an astrologer, who arbitrarily defined it as "a full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90-percent of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit (perigee)."

Indeed, at 12 noon ET on that fifth Wednesday of August, the moon will arrive at perigee, its closest point in its orbit relative to Earth at 221,942 miles (357,181 km) away. And 9 hours and 36 minutes later, the moon will officially turn full.

Although a full moon theoretically lasts just a moment, that moment is imperceptible to ordinary observation, and for a day or so before and after, most will speak of seeing the nearly full moon as "full": The shaded strip is so narrow, and changing in apparent width so slowly, that it is hard for the naked eye to tell whether it's present or which side it is.

And in addition to its "supermoon" status, this particular full moon will be the second to occur in the month of August, the first having occurred on Aug. 1. As a result, the second full moon of August on the 30th, will be also branded as a "Blue" moon. So, for what it's worth, what we'll have will be a "Super Blue Moon."

However, unless there is some unusual atmospheric condition present such as airborne dust, ash or smoke, the moon will not appear blue but its normal yellow-white self. Nonetheless, thanks to mainstream media hyperbole, many will likely look forward to getting a view of this big late summer moon.

August Full Moon Names From Native American and Other Different Cultures Joyful Moon (Hopi). First Acorns (Pomo). Ripen moon (Dakota). Dispute Moon (Celtic). Cutter Moon (Abernaki). Dog Days moon (Yuchi). Corn Silk Moon (Ponca). Harvest Moon (Chinese). Berry Moon (Anishnaabe). Women's Moon (Choctaw). Mulberries Moon (Natchez). Middle moon (Potawatomi). Freshness Moon (Mohawk). Yelow flower moon (Osage). Blackberry Moon (Wishram). Acorns Ripen Moon (Maidu). Wheat Cut Moon (San Juan). Lightning Moon (Neo Pagan). Black Cherries Moon (Sioux). Yellow Leaves moon (Kiowa).

Edible Corn Moon (Algonquin). Young Ducks Fly Moon (Cree). Black Cherries Moon (Assiniboine). Dog Day's Moon (Colonial American). Autumn Moon (Taos Native American). Corn Moon, Wort Moon (Medieval English). Geese Shedding Feathers Moon (Arapaho). Feather Shedding Moon (Passamaquoddy). Dispute Moon (Full Janic), Harvest Moon (Dark Janic). Big Harvest moon, Heat Moon, Big Rippening Moon (Creek). Fruit Moon, Drying Moon, Last Fruit Moon, Grain Moon (Cherokee). Red Moon,Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Dog Days Moon (Algonquin).


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