A "dog" was spotted in a flooded field full of debris with a bucket stuck on his head, but when they look closer they realize it's a wild animal they're dealing with

Thank you San Diego Humane Society

A Good Samaritan spotted what he thought was a dog in trouble. The animal had a plastic bucket stuck on his head and he was floating on the debris of a flooded river in California.

The San Diego Humane Society arrived to help the poor dog but they didn’t have a way to reach him. The only way to reach the dog was by boat. Luckily, they got help from lifeguards.

When the lifeguards picked up the animal and brought him back to shore they suspected something wasn’t exactly what it seemed. They didn’t know it initially, but it wasn’t a dog at all.

It turns out the “dog” was a coyote! Realizing they had a wild animal on their hands, the San Diego Humane Society transferred him over to a wildlife rehabilitation centre that specializes in predators. The poor little guy was suffering from mild hypothermia and was riddled with cactus spines.

Thankfully, the coyote is on the road to recovery thanks to his dedicated rescuers.


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