Crying to the Wind

In a wolf pack they ran together

blessed by The Great Spirit,

their souls locked and mated forever

Loyal hearts that none could sever.

None bothered and no trouble to see

as they ran wild on the wind free ...

Soul mates together for many a year,

their loyal hearts knew no fear.

How could their brave spirits know

one day an enemy would show ...

without heart or even much skill,

and her soul mate, man would kill.

It was by the bright of day ..

as their brave hearts tried to run away ...

Running fast,but their bodies tired

her mate was killed with one shot fired.

With only her around

his lifeless body lay on the ground ...

only his soft fur moved as a lone wind blew

by heart and instinct she knew ...

But she could not linger nor stay

for her own life, she must run away!

So with a pause and one look back

she ran on the wind and rejoined the pack.

Now she stands alone each night

and howls up to the moon's misty light ...

the soulful sound of her cries lingers on the wind,

then dies.

Pain cuts through her soul like a knife

for the mate she had taken for life.

Her spirit is broken ...

but she'll survive ...

The Great Spirit will keep her alive.

She still runs with the pack

but forever and always looks back

for a second she pauses ...

and waits always searching

for her lost soul mate.

By: (LadyBleaux)
Music : White Wolf

More Info The day has come - 2011 Wolf Hunts in Idaho and Montana begin


Responses to "Wolves : Don't Let Their Song Fade Away"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I pray to God always for the nonsense and hate that surround the wolves to stop.
    Why must man be such haters that they kill to kill not just humans but animals too. How far, how long, how much sorrow must be endured before they realize the pain and taking of life is not needed? That the wolves are only doing what they are and were meant to do, so much will be lost so much will be missed.
    I pray God takes the ones lost back to His arms and heals the wounds of body and soul and says to them " Now my children, my creation you will no longer have to run and tremble in fear, because no gun shot will be heard up here"

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are such amazing animals.To shoot an animal like this is to end the life of a great spirit.No wonder Mother Earth is rebeling in such devistating ways now.Man is to blame for all this,but is too ignorant to realise it.The winds tell it all to those who listen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, and touching. Thanks for sharing. I love this site. My heart aches for the wolves, still threatened by greedy men.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes look at now we have Hurricanes ! Mother earth rebelling we must kill all the hunters to calm down the nature

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is sooooooo sad I felt so bad hearing the sad cries the poem is sad too we must never give up never we must help to keep these beautiful animals alive we must all stick together as they do tears to my eyes

  6. Anonymous says:

    I highly doubt hurricanes have ANYTHING to do with hunters. Cavemen hunted, its in everyone's blood whether you want to admit it or not. all of you are what my grandfather called bunnyhuggers. You are so wrapped up in 'saving' mother nature that you are killing her in the process. My grandfather was a logger and 'nature lovers' would drive steel stakes into the stumps of trees so the chains on the loggers chainsaws would break. not only did several loggers get severly injured or die, but every tree that those people were 'protecting' died. Their acts of protection killed them. Loggers cut down trees and plant more trees so the wilderness stays healthy (same affect of a forest fire without the danger). Hunters have been the same way since EVERYONE's ancestors. we hunt to keep animal numbers in check. It's our responsibility (especially since WE brought the wolves back). There are not many farmers and ranchers anymore, but the ones who are still here to make a living (most of them) have learned to live with the wolves. They don't go out to kill them just to kill, they kill them to protect their way of life. As for other hunters, they were given the go ahead by the Govt in charge of this whole reintroducton in the first place. Every person I know didn't buy a wolf tag to specifically hunt wolves. Most of them bought them incase they saw one while deer or elk hunting. We're not against the wolves. Heck, where did the funding for FWP come from to reintroduce the wolves?? nobody is out to erradicate them again, just to keep them at a managable number...just like we do for deer and elk, coyotes, mtn lions, bears, and everything else we're allowed to hunt. Managing them prevents in breeding, which causes disorders within the populations. Seems reasonable to me.
    Not to mention wolves can carry up to 40 different diseases. FWP won't even touch a wolf that has been killed, and they advise hunters from touching them without rubber gloves. that's disgusting.
    FWP says there are about 1500 wolves in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming combined. Those are collared wolves. They don't even have a count for the uncollared ones. I know from decades in the mountains they were released in that wolves were here long before they 'brought them back'. I have pictures from the 60s and 70s of large wolf packs in those same mountains. They have never been completely gone, you just had to go a little deeper into the woods to find them. Now, I can sit on my front porch and watch them pester my dog IN MY YARD. My parents can do the same and they don't even live in the woods, they live in the middle of the valley between two cities. I have been chased, charged, nipped at, and surrounded by wolves on many occasions.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know that they will eat whatever they can, and will kill whenever they want. if you want to see pics, go to and see that wolves do kill for sport. FWP will tell you right there on the website. you will also see that alot of these wolves are HUGE. I'm talking 200+ lbs huge.
    I don't see how Wolf hunters are greedy...most of the wolves shot by hunters are left at check stations because the hunter doesn't want it. FWP will jot down the info of where it was shot, thank the hunter, and toss it into the back of a truck with the rest of the ones hunters didn't want. They don't want wolves for anything, what makes them greedy? It's not about the land either. I don't know if you've been over that way in a while, but there is no building or expanding of towns (well, not where I'm from). Excavation companies were shut down a few years ago. Just don't see what all the hooblah is about with the wolves specifically. By letting any one species live without being hunted will overpopulate that one species and mess everything up anyways. We can set back and let nature run it's course because it's NOTHING like what it was when the Native Americans were here. Nature can't 'run it's course' without some kind of human involvment because there are so stinkin many humans on this Earth to be "Natural".
    Go ahead and make threats to hunters, it seems kinda stupid to threat a group of people with guns. but getting rid of hunters isn't going to change anything. 'Mother nature' started her 'un calm' behavior LONG after hunters were here and it has more to do with you city folk then it does with those of us who appreciate a healthy ecosystem. The beavers may be more abundant in Yellowstone, but where there were beavers in Western Montana, there are none to be found. Yeah, there were too many elk in Yellowstone, one of the few places MAN isn't allowed to hunt, so they were almost completely unhunted there. We didn't have too many elk in western MT and idaho. you still had to get off you butts to bag an elk. Now you still have to...if you can find one. so you got a healthy elk population in Yellowstone, but what about everywhere else. Our elk have been cut down by over 50%. and if there are really only 1500 wolves betwee the three states of reintroduction, then those are SUPER hungry animals.

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