Celebrating World Kiss Day

On this day, all who want have good reasons for "exchanging their souls": on July 6 the International Kissing Day is celebrated, set in the United Kingdom for the first time. Two decades ago, the holiday was adopted by the UNO. On this day different kissing contests are organized in many cities, and the participants of such contests have a chance to win various prizes and gifts. So, go ahead and set the "kissing record"!

Why do people kiss? Firstly, it is a cultural tradition. Almost in the whole world people getting into a romantic situation feel an unperceived necessity to kiss. There is such a feeling the representatives of the opposite sex are programmed to kiss and are waiting for the moment. When you understand it, you will get both more kisses and more satisfaction from them.

Famous kissers:

An American A. E. Wolfram from Minnesota on September 15, 1990 kissed about 8001 people in 8 hours during the festival held in his state. In this way, he managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds.

The first kiss in the movie: 1896 - by May Irvin and John S. Reye in a 30-second demonstration by Thomas Edison named The Kiss, counting 191 kisses.

The longest kiss in movie history: Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman were kissing for 185 seconds in the movie You're in the Army Now (1940), which is 4 % of all the movie length. (Source)

To know something we must become one with it. We cannot know what a flower smells like until we actually smell it.

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