Where the Wolf Leads & Love Is Eternal 

Oh, what a beautiful thing…the love of two beings. I always think of love as if it were something alive, as if it were a mistress itself. But I never could have known something like this. As I hold my love, a gorgeous maiden, I see the true world in her. I see the innocence and natural ways of the wolves in her golden eyes and I feel the warmth from her body that not even a thousand human lovers could create.

Her warm lips met mine in a long kiss that sent comfortable shivers down my spine and raised the hairs of my body to stand. We held each other close and felt our hearts beat at a rising pace as we changed. Fur grew from us; a silver coat like pure moonlight from her skin and a brown coat as dark as the earth from mine. Our kiss ended slowly and we stared into each other’s eyes. Hers, two golden pools of pure innocence and female curiosity, shined by some unknown light. Then, releasing my hold on her, we removed ourselves from our human clothing. What once was man and woman, was now two wolves.

We stood on our hind legs and held each other again, only now I felt the silk of her fur against mine. So much heat…so much fire from within us that could melt arctic snows but instead warmed us. A fire like a roaring blaze in the most beautifully crafted of fireplaces; those adorned with paintings that held the purest colors, chosen only by the most inspired of artists. And that same beauty became an aura over us. We let ourselves fall into another kiss that lasted, it seemed, to the end of time. I allowed my hands to wonder across her body; my fingers running through her fur with a light touch. She let out a low purr as I moved my mouth to her neck and let the wolf’s lips continue in their natural way. She then nudged me with her muzzle and pushed me back from her neck to stare at me.

Our glance was strong…un-breakable between us. I began to feel that not even the strongest of warriors could take me away from this moment, no power or force could ever hope to end this love that we, two wolves of ancient origin in spirit, shared with each other. And as I laid her down, my wondrous love, I saw, not a mate as in many bonds of animal intimacy, but I saw a lover. I saw a woman…and a wolf…who would die for me as I would for them, and would always be there to listen and talk with me for as many years as life would allow.

And it is now, in this very moment that we feel the true power of love and a passion that no human could ever understand. We are bonded together in this endless night, beneath the moon and stars that shine upon us…we two who know the feeling and meaning of wolf love. And it is in this feeling we shall forever rest, on this passion we shall forever thrive. I know in my heart we were meant to be, and we shall always remain as we are. We are lovers and friends…and as I see her smile…I realize that I have never been happier.

Photo : Svarci

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great video and music !

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    What a great video.

  3. Teresa says:

    The pictures of the real wolves is amazing! The love of their family could teach us a thing or two!

  4. Anonymous says:

    1 of the best pics ever! thank you!

  5. Unknown says:

    Wapaniała wilcza społeczność.

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    so nice

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