~ A Documentary of the Italian Wolf

The wolf, one of Europe's last great predators is an animal that has remained cloaked in myth and mystery. However under the supervision of researcher, Paolo Ciucci, a team of biologists from the University of Rome embark on a mission to learn more about the elusive wolf in Italy's Pollino National Park. They wanted to know why more than 40 wolves in the area could remain almost invisible to the surrounding communities as they lived their lives.

In order to do this they set out to track some of the wolves through radio collars. They were able to collar two wolves, a male and a female, both of whom were on their own after being forced from their packs for various reasons. These two wolves became known as Rebecca and Francesco.

What follows is a fascinating video discovery of the true nature of the wolf living deep in the forest. At one point there was even hope that the two lone wolves would become mates when they met up in a chance encounter. The life of a lone wolf is a hard and lonely one since wolves are highly social and work together as a team to kill food for the pack. Without their pack members, finding food is difficult and can lead to starvation or in a desperate attempt to eat, poisoning by the hands of man.

The video chronicles the highs and lows of these two wolves in their quest for survival. The research team was able to dispel many of the myths and secrecy surrounding the wolves and hopely pave the way for a full recovery of the wolves in Europe. This video is a wonderful documentary of a magnificient animal trying to reclaim it's natural home long before mankind invaded it's territory. You will find yourself cheering for the wolf's attempts to survive in a world that has been hostile to it's existence and it's right to coexist with humans. .

Telling the story of Rebecca and Francesco is critical to wolf conservation. Man tends to fear what he does not understand and, sooner or later, he will destroy what he fears. Solving the mystery of the wolf is not just about appreciating their ecological value, but coming to realize that their future is in part…our future.
For we are all part of one world.

Director : Fabio Toncelli
Producer : SD Cinematografica
Duration : 52'
Best Italian documentary
at International Film Festival of Cogne
Stambecco D’oro (Italy 2005)
Special Prize “Park of Lessinia” (Italy 2004)
Special award at International Bergfilm-
Festival Tegersee (Germany 2004)

VIDEO Mystery of the Wolf

Responses to "National Geographic Movie : The Mystery of the Wolf (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is fascinating. Thank you! :)A

  2. Little Feather says:

    I noticed all the writing was backwards. But, the film was extraordinary! And, the face of that wolf at the very end was SO beautiful. The entire film was beautiful. And, true, what man does not understand, he is afraid of. I, personally, think they are wonderful creature's. There are those who do not think in the same manner, and, that is okay. But, just like any other living thing, the Wolves have a right to be here, too...apparently, or they would not "be". They are here for SOME reason, if none other than for Wolf lover's to enjoy them. They are an incredible part of Great Spirit's plan.

  3. Rhaine says:

    I feel sorry for Rebecca. T__T BTW this vid is beautiful! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Man has a thinking brain and can decide what is right and fair treatment of our living world. Animals live by instinct. Why is it that we don't respect all living creatures and nature for it is... for what is truely, purely beautiful about this earth we live on... the connection between ALL living things!!! Loved this vidio...cried for Rebecca.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wolves are a being of beauty and personality. It bothers me that humans would atually like to have a hunting season on them. We've spent so much time and money to bring them back from extinction, why would we now want to kill them.

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