Being a Wolf

How long a person is living in terms of Wolf years is measured by how many winters one has survived. In this unforgiving land of harsh winters it is always counted as a blessing to have lived past another winter, thus the cycle of life is measured as such. A Wolf never counts the years , never uses a clock , because a clock does not measure the time, it only measures itself! A clock refers to another clock ! Time we cannot see it, we cannot hear it, it is a subjective sense of becoming. You can live outside of time if you can feel deeply in your inner self that time is just an illusion..It does not exist ! It has never existed...

You have no age. You are younger than some and older than others but You are as each day...New. You rise with the sun and dream with the moon. The seasons are Your blanket and your seeds of growth. You have been since the beginning of all time and You can never end. You are of the essence of all life; it is you and you are it and together we are everything. We cannot be separated. You are immortal.

Everything is new. Everything has never happened before. No longer are there familiar features in the world. You are now The Eyes of a Wolf. Everything you gaze at becomes nothing. The inexplicable forces will come to you. You are now surrounded by eternity...

Responses to "Wolves : The Moment Is Eternity"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gives me the chill.....this is what it´s all about....I would rather be 1000 wolves surrounded by infinity, then one man..slave to time,lost in stress unable to see and feel the beauty around him.....
    This post is beauty ..this post is infinity....wolves are too...Thank you!

  2. Fidget says:

    It sounds a lot like the state one wishes to attain in Zen Buddhism, emptied mind, not anticipating but simply reacting with razor-sharp precision and instinct. We do this in a small way everyday when we do something like open a door, because we don't have to tell ourselves "Step 1 turn knob 45 degrees counterclockwise...". It's all reflexive memory. To live permanently in this state would be unconscious mastery of one's physical and mental abilities.

    If time does not exist, then that means there is only the present moment. One must ride the razor's edge at the fore of our conscious memories; to focus on any time other than the present is a waste of life energy, as we cannot change our past mistakes or revisit former comforts, nor are we clairvoyants or soothsayers who can prophecy the absolute future.

    The only time for us is now, and once one realizes that the more they will accomplish in their lives. Finding their calling is a whole other matter.

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