A most amazing event took place in China this past week. Amazing because China has a well deserved reputation for being one of the cruelest countries when it comes to it's treatment of animals. China is leading the way in the world as being the largest producer and exporter of inexpensive goods. But it's brutal treatment of animals ranging from it's taste for shark fin soup to it's bear bile farming to endangering animals on the verge of extinction with it's support of poaching has greatly tarnished it's image in the eyes of the world.

So when a major rescue of dogs took place on the 15th of April, the world responded with shock and amazement. It all happened rather quickly when a man sent out a call for help on a micro-blogging site after seeing a truck packed with hundreds of terrified dogs on a highway. About 200 people responded to his pleas to help force the driver to release the dogs. The truck contained about 580 dogs that were on their way to be slaughtered for the meat industry in China.

The rescue took place after effectively blockading the truck at a toll booth for 15 hours. The rescuers were able to negotiate the release of the dogs for about $17,000, saving them from being slaughtered and served as food. Many of the dogs (many were wearing collars) were dehydrated, injured and suffering from distemper and parvovirus. Dongxing Animal Hospital in Beijing, treated up to 68 dogs who were very ill and dozens of volunteers were helping Tuesday to clean and disinfect cages and mop floors.

The rescue was a revolutionary case of social activism in China, in a country where authorities are still waging brutal crackdowns on dissent. But over the last decade changes have been taking place in Chinese society where a new middle class with different values has developed because of China's rapid economic growth. Whereas pet ownership was once unheard of before because of affordability and the Communist Party's condemnation of it, now people in China are raising dogs and developing bonds with them.
The sparks of this change brought on by the rescue have set off new discussions of the divide between age-old customs of seeing dogs and cats as food only and China's growing animal rights movement. This time is long overdue but very welcome in the eyes of the world.

Save the Dogs : PETITION

Video : China Dogs' Rescue Shows Growing Animal Activism

Responses to "The Chinese Dog Rescue - A Revolution in the Making. (Petition)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This form of barbarism must stop. Animals have always been at the mercy of human
    Beings. Protect and nurture our animal friends rather than treat them inhumanely

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I was young, I thought the world was a magnificent place with kind people near and far. As I get older, I am more saddened to discover that this world is full of countless cruelty, misery and disgrace. Where is the humanity and reverence for life we should have toward all creatures.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love animals with all my soul. I suffer very much with all they go through.
    I became a vegan by choice, all my cosmetics and cleaning products are cruelty free, I do all I can to stop animal cruelty. Small step, but the big picture is still a mess that needs change. This change in China, could mean the start of more respect for animals. If all of us would do more, things would start to change. So I say thank you for all the rescuers, in China who took part in this. I hope others around the world will see this and take part, and like this, changing the lives of animals all over the world.We got more power than we think.

  4. Well, this is the chance for China to gain respect and be thought of as decent people! They should investigate and clear up ALL the animal cruelty, INCLUDING putting a BAN on skinning an animals alive or dead! No-one who counts wants a real fur coat! So why cater to the morons who only care about themselves!

  5. Anthoney Mahateva says:

    In a country as utterly brutal as China to its animals with no moral reprobation of any kind this wonder happens. It takes a few compassionate,determined and united individuals to bring astounding changes. Let us pray that this is just the beginning of a new dawn of compassion.

    Anthoney Mahateva.

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