Since 2010, the title “European Green Capital” has been awarded to individual European cities by the European Commission. By awarding deserving cities of this honor, the EU commission is hoping that this award will encourage more European cities to increase their environment-related activities. Through the exchange of environmentally sound ideas and friendly competition with each other, European cities will surely lead the world in environmental protection.

The first city to receive this prestigious award was Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. The title is awarded to cities that have excelled in the field of environmental innovation and practical application. At the European Green Capital Conference in Stockholm, urban decision-makers from Sweden, all over Europe and even a delegation from the U.S. came together to discuss sustainability in urban environments. Experts from the fields of politics, administration and business presented their experience and plans for a greener future.

Hamburg, Germany has deservedly received this award for 2011.
Hamburg has already proven its success as a green city in many ways already. Renewable energy, the city’s fastest-growing economic sector and the goal to significantly reduce CO2 emissions (40% by 2020 and 80% by 2050) are the city's major environmental strengths. The world's leading turbine manufacturer and a major windpower plant have recently relocated to Hamburg. Over the next several years, other wind and solar plants will be relocating to Hamburg also along with Greenpeace which is moving it's headquarters to the city also in 2011. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, there are plans for the expansion of the city’s public transport system, and also to erect a canopy over an existing urban motorway. Hamburg has also agressively sought partnerships with a number of green companies in an effort to make the city emission-free.

Hamburg’s Environment Senator, Anja Hajduk, has stated that European cities are all facing the same challenges and this year Hamburg is dedicated to advance communication among other European cities. The way Hamburg has planned on doing this is through the “Train of Ideas”, an interactive environmental exhibition on a train. This exhibition will also present the best practices from those cities in which the Train of Ideas will stop on its journey through Europe. Beginning in April 2011, the train will pass through 17 European cities, among them Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona and Vienna. Last but not least 2011 will be the year for many high calibur environmental debates and events to be held in Hamburg.

Hamburg’s successors for the following several years have also been announced: in 2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz ,Spain will take over the title, while Nantes, France will follow in 2013. Although the European Green Capital nomination is a new program in Europe, the hope is that the rest of world will soon follow.

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