Teide Mountain is a beautiful volcanic mountain found in the Canary Islands right off of Spain. It is the 3rd largest volcano in the world and is considered to be an active volcano although it has been dormant since it's last eruption in 1909.

Teide was a sacred mountain to the aboriginal Guanches, so it was considered to be a mythological mountain with many legends attached to it. The Guanches believed that the mountain held up the sky. It was first conquered by a European in the mid 1600's. Today it is the main attraction of a national park and is the most visited national park in that area with an estimated 2.8 million people every year.

This year between April 4 - 11th, a wonderful time lapse video was shot off of Teide Mountain. It takes you on a wonderful tour of the the area and displays all the beautiful magic and scenery to be experienced on the mountain. There are also magnificent scenes shot of the night sky in all it's glory. As you watch this video you will feel the wonder of this majestic mountain as others have experienced it through time. Teide Mountain is another powerful example of the beautiful world that we live in. A world in which we must do all we can to preserve so that future generations can experience the awe and wonder also.

Photo by Peaceinwisdom

Video : The Mountain

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