Just in time for Earth Day, the Lyrid meteors also known as April's shooting stars, will be making a grand appearance on April 22nd.
These spectacular meteors are very bright and often leave trails in the sky. During the years where the moon is out of the way, one can see from 10 - 20 meteors per hour at it's peak. Although these meteor showers are hard to predict they are the reason the Lyrids are so fun to watch.

Unfortunately this year, the glare of the waning gibbous moon will be obstructing all but the brightest of the of the Lyrid meteors. The best time of night to observe these meteors will be from late night April 22nd until dawn April 23rd, with the greatest number of meteors falling in the hours just before dawn. However, the night before (April 21/22) will be almost as good to witness.

Even though all the meteors will not be seen this year, the chance to see even one of these cosmic wonders makes it well worth the time to check them out. Another reason to watch the sky is that the planets, Venus and Saturn will also be visible during mid - late April. Be ready to be amazed this month!

Photo by Tony Rowell

Watch this video of Meteor Shower (Shot on Canon EOS 7D)

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