Think of Canada and you think of dense beautiful wilderness, majestic mountains, abundant wildlife, pristine lakes and the wolf. The wolf has always had it's place in the Canadian wilderness, running free, howling in the night. It has played a part in literature, art and song. The wolf has been depicted as a symbol of Canadian spirit and pride in it's glorious beauty of the land and it's wildlife.

Recently the Canadian Mint introduced the pure Silver Maple Leaf, $5 Lone Wolf Coin, which has demonstrated the soft spot of the Royal mint for the preservation of wildlife. It's focus is the Wolf, which is one of the endangered species. This beautiful coin is made in support of the wolf, a beautiful but very misunderstood animal.

Wolves have been misconceived throughout North America as being very dangerous to humans. Because of this misconception, wolves were almost totally eradicated from the U.S. during it's expansion out west. But not in Canada. The wolf continued to run free and wild and true to itself. Because of this, the wolf rightfully deserves it's place of honor on this marvelous Canadian coin.

Link to Purchase 2011 Canadian 1 oz Silver Wolf Coins "Wild Life Series"

Responses to "Canada chooses the Wolf for it's $5 coin - A Representation of it's Wildlife Preservation."

  1. I want one for my collection......wolf sister Blue Horse

  2. paula wilson says:

    so stop killing them

  3. Cameron says:

    I have one for sale on Kijiji Calgary

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