Ever wonder what life is really like for a wolf pack? The following 4 part video series is a story of a pack of 7 wolves living in the Northern Rocky Mountains. 

It is a story but it is based on fact and shows how a pack survives in it's quest for food and it's challenges from other packs for it's territory.

The strength of the wolf is the pack. Life on the outside would be lonely and hard so the pack is banded together and led by the Alpha male and female wolves. The Alphas determine the pack's territory and scent mark it every month to leave a clear warning to other packs.

 The pack also has a mental map of their territory and they use this to find their prey for food. This is made possible by the size and intricacies of their large brain and their extraordinary sense of smell. The wolf's brain is 30% larger than that of a dog's. Their amazing sense of smell is up to 10,000 times more sensitive than that of a human's.

It is a fascinating world to be sure. Enjoy the the inside view of life on the Wolf Battlefield.

BBC - Wolf Battlefield- Movie Full Episode

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    Thank you so much for sharing the absolutely wonderful film of wolf packs in the wild. cheifruth

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    Absolutely wonderful !!! People could learn so much from the wolf.

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    Radioactive wolves also want to keep warm and will occupy vacant homes as protection against the elements as nature reclaims the primeval forest.

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    wonderful , thanks for the video

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    This was a wonderful video I think us as humans could learn alot from these majestic creatures there sense of loyalty devotion to family and social bonds something that humans have seemed to leave behind somewhere along the way I would much rather live with them than where I live now how about you

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    Thanks for providing the links to this BBC documentary. I enjoyed although I missed out on some for the commentary as it was drowned out by 3D wolf howls: obviously the three wolfdogs at my feet weree also enjoying the documentary!

    Erik FR

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    Thank you. It was an amazing video. I wish more people understood wolves and not hunt them.

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    wonderful film, thank you very much, shame so many are hunted and trapped.

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    Fantastic job, very well done!

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    Excellent movie, lots of information.

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    These are the most beautiful Animals you will ever see in the wild ,Thank You for sharing !! <3

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    It's take a special kind of sadistic person to glorify worthless vermin wolves. What happen to all the moose in YNP oh that is right at endangered species level due to wolves wiping them out.

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    If all those that hate and kill, would just take the time to be educated and learn just how important the wolf is to our environment, they would stop the hate and killing of these magnificent, amazing animals! There is no junk science when you see how the reintroduction has changed the landscape of the Northern wolves weed out the sick and old. The ranchers and politicians who's pockets are lined, will NEVER GET IT! For those types, I hope you choke to death on an Elk Steak!!! And to the idiot, Save Our Elk, you are a complete and ignorant self regard for life ASSHOLE!!! SO WHAT if they used captive obviously missed the point of the documentary-WOLVES ARE GOOD and SERVE A PURPOSE!!! You obviously must be from Idaho...the only propaganda here is your BIASED HATE and GREED and trumped up stories of how the wolves have depleted the Elk Population! Try publishing THE F'ING TRUTH!!! LIAR!!!! Great documentary!

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