Snow leopards are one of the most endangered big cats in the world. They are magnificent animals but their population has dwindled down to a mere 3500 left in the wild. They are currently found in 12 Asian and Eurasian nations.

Fortunately for the snow leopards they have found help in the form of The BBC Wildlife Fund and two leading conservation organizations, Whitley Fund for Nature and Nature Conservation Foundation. These 3 organizations have joined together to start a new program aimed at saving the snow leopards in Asia. They will be focusing on the three countries with the highest concentrations of the species, China, Mongolia and India.

Almost £60,000 ($90,000) will be provided for conservation efforts to those 3 regions for the survival of the snow leopard. This will take place over the next two years. Their efforts will focus on empowering local communities in each of the 3 countries to develop a series of conservation measures, including environmental education, wildlife monitoring and anti-poaching methods.

Snow leopards are still fairly new to the conservation scene. The first photograph of a wild snow leopard wasn’t taken until the 1970s. Actual efforts for the protection of the snow leopard didn’t happen until the 1980s and was way behind the big campaigns for endangered tigers. All of that will hopefully change now with the collaboration between the 3 conservation organizations. Besides preserving the beauty and magnificence of the snow leopard, a whole ecosystem will benefit from this. This is because the snow leopard is considered to be an apex predator and is at the top of the wildlife pryamid.

All though they can't be saved all at once, with time, patience and good conservation practices, the snow leopard will be on it's way back to thriving in and helping to rebuild an entire ecosystem. Just as it always had for thousands of years past.

Photograph by Michael Nichols

Responses to "The Snow Leopard - Promising Efforts to save it from Extinction."

  1. karen lyons kalmenson says:

    The snow leopard
    The spirit of the
    Mountains high
    Of beauty surpassing
    The clouds in the sky
    His quiet serenity
    As he prowls
    His terrain
    Safe from all humans
    And their capacity to
    Cause pain
    karen lyons kalmenson

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