Return of the Caribou

Every year in the remote wilderness of Alaska a mass migration begins starting with the annual gathering of newly pregnant caribou. They are almost a half a million strong as they begin their trek to the northern tundra to give birth. It is a long, hard journey so they must begin early in February to make it to their birthing grounds in the north by May.

Caribou are the main food source for the wolves, but it can be a high rate of failure for a wolf pack to catch a meal for the pack. Wolves will also scavenge during these cold months to survive. All along their trek north the caribou will be tracked by the wolves looking for their chance to find a weak or older member of the herd. It can be a fine tuned choreographed dance of death between the wolves and a caribou once they are targeted by the pack.

This video allows you to follow along during the caribou journey north and watch the interactions between the caribou and the wolves and other predators such as the bears. You will also see the actual caribou birthing of their babies once they reach the northern tundra in May. May is also the month that the wolves give birth to a litter and there are wonderful and touching scenes of the alpha female wolf giving birth also and raising her pups.
There are other up close scenes of some of Alaska's wildlife such as the grizzly bears, moose and musk oxen. Enjoy a fascinating view of nature's hardships and miracles as the cycle of life unfolds in Alaska.

Photo: National Geographic

Movie: Return of the Caribou

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