On Monday morning, May 30th, in the predawn sky another celestial bonus will be visible to star gazers. Four planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will all be aligned close together. What began at the beginning of the month of May will now come to a end at the grand finale with the addition of the beautiful crescent moon.

Viewers can watch the planets appear in the order of their decreasing physical distance to the Sun, starting with Pluto that will appear tonight and ending with Mercury on Monday morning. They will appear all lined up on one side of the Sun in a fascinating early morning display.

All the other planets will also be visible between dusk and dawn including the dwarf planet, Pluto, with the exception of Saturn. But the highlight will be focused on the five glorious lights that will line up across the eastern sky. If you are an early riser it will definitely be a memorable experience to witness as you bid goodbye to the month of May.

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