Biologist and wolf researcher Vladimir Bologov, 46, is known as Russia's "wolf man". He is one of the few in Russia who stands up for the protection of wolves and he is a very strong advocate for the wolf. He has been studying the behavior of wolves for more than 30 years in the region of Tver which is about 450 km northwest of Moscow located in a biosphere reservation. Vladimir continues with the work of his father, Viktor Bologov, who is also a famous Russian Wolf researcher, since 1984. In 1993, Vladimir started his own research wolf project which is part of a research site of the University of Moscow.

With his research project Vladimir's goal is to return to nature what man has taken from her. He currently buys wolf cubs from hunters and zoos and raises them in enclosures where they are monitored with as little human interaction as possible. When the wolf cubs are old enough they are released into the wild again. By 2007, Vladimir had successfully released 17 wolves into the wild. While the wolves are at his shelter he observes and films them on a daily basis. He is also assisted with his work by Laetitia Becker, a 28 yr. old biologist from France. In order to continue his research project, he depends on sponsors and many volunteers.

Currently the wolves in Russia are not protected by any laws. There are around 45,000 wolves in living in Russia today although the population has been on the decline.
During the regime of the Soviet Union, hunters actually killed up to 50,000 wolves per year. Now however, there is only permission granted to shoot 15,000 wolves per year because of the decline.

The wolves are hunted in Russia throughout the entire year. For every wolf hunted down the government pays a bounty of around 45 Euros, a profitable source of income for the hunters. Bologov’s aim is to abolish the bounty system in the long run and to reach legal protection for wolves. He would also like to prohibit the poisoning of them. When the wolves are trapped in Russia they are often subjected to horrible pain by being beaten, poisoned and then killed.

Apart from his research Bologov also does a lot of educational work when he is not doing his research. He instructs cattle owners on how to protect their animals from the wolves. He also informs visitor groups and school classes. In 2009, Valdimir went to Germany on a wolf educational tour to several cities where he held informal seminars with those interested in learning more about the wolf and his research. At home in his research station, scientists and other interested people come from all over to observe his work and to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Russian wilderness.

Vladimir Bologov is truly a man dedicated to the preservation and protection of the wolves he loves in his native country of Russia. It is a daunting job but he is driven by a passion to educate people and to end the persecution of the wolves despite the odds against him. He is indeed worthy of the title given to him - The Wolfman of Russia.

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  1. michele says:

    I am so happy that you are helping the wolves in Russia.. I don't understand though why people are so cruel to animals.. thank you for being an evolved human... - Mitchell

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mr.Vladimir Bologov,
    I would like to ask you to list your pubblication on this blog it would be of great value to be able to study your work with wolves. Thank you
    Carlo (Italy)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Vladimir Bologov,

    You are an amazing beautiful being, thank you for helping the wolves : )
    Laurie (Canada)

  4. Janet says:

    I already shared this on FB, but oh my God, 15,000 wolves are allowed to be killed per year? That's a massacre!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you for helping the wolves, they are truely a gift from God!

  6. I just saw a documentary on your wolf work on German TV! Brst of luck! Thank you!

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